Category: Drink It

  • Tuckumbil Dry Gin

    For a long time I’ve been pretty leery of domestic gin. Generally, I have found most of them pretty disappointing. Sure, I have found a few good ones, bit this isn’t one. Whenever I try a new spirit, I pour about 20ml into a small wine glass or sherry glass and add an equal measure…

  • Cointreau


    Cointreau – a classic orange liqueur. Generically, an orange liqueur is referred to as a triple sec; Cointreau is like a top shelf triple sec. It’s also a liqueur that you can drink straight, on ice, etc, which isn’t as rewarding with the generic products.

  • Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

    I’d never heard of Stone & Wood before we moved to the north coast of NSW in early 2014. We’d just taken over the lease on a shop in River Street and discovered there was a pub conveniently located at the end of the street. So, after a hard day of shop fit out, we…